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GMO AI & Web3 Inc. is a hands-on CVC specialized in supporting AI & Web3 entrepreneurs.
We contribute to the next generation of Internet by providing up-and-coming AI & Web3 ventures with our AI & Web3 technology and products.


All executives and advisors are experts in AI & Web3 space

  • Chairman

    Masatoshi Kumagai

    GMO Internet Group, Inc.

    Expertise: Growth and management of IT companies

  • Representative Director and CEO(CPA)

    Tomohiro Uchida

    GMO Internet Group, Inc.

    Expertise: Investment, M&A

  • Director(Lawyer)

    Masakazu Masushima


    Expertise: Financial Regulations, FinTech, M&A, Governance

  • Director

    Yuki Naito

    Drecom Co., Ltd.

    Expertise: Growth and management of an IT company / Web3 Business Development in entertainment space

  • Director

    Mai Fujimoto


    Expertise: Promotion activities in the blockchain area

  • Director

    Toshiaki Horiuchi

    GMO Internet Group, Inc.

    Expertise: Research and development/technical support for cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain

  • Director

    Kentaro Sato

    GMO Pepabo, Inc.

    Expertise: Web Creative
    Creator Support

  • Director

    Kentaro Nakamura

    GMO-Z.com Trust Company, Inc.

    Expertise: Stable Coin Development and Operation

  • Director

    Satoshi Makita

    GMO Internet Group, Inc.

    Expertise: Blockchain, Mining operations

  • Director

    Takeo Hayashi

    GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.

    Expertise: Internet Finance
    Business planning and development

  • Advisor(CPA)

    Takao Yoshimura

    Former President of Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co.

    Expertise: Venture support, IPO support

  • Advisor

    Isao Moriyasu

    Former President and CEO of DeNA Co.

    Expertise: Business development and business growth

  • Advisor

    Kazuyuki Shudo

    Kyoto University

    Expertise: Computer Science and Engineering

  • Advisor

    Sota Watanabe

    Astar Network

    Expertise: Public blockchain development

  • Advisor

    Kiuchi Shota

    SHIFT AI, Inc.

    Expertise: Generative AI,AI Education

  • Advisor

    Masahiro Chaen

    TALMOOD, Inc.

    Expertise: Supporting in DX,
    system development using generative AI

GMO Internet Group AI Advisor


GMO Internet Group supports AI & Web3 Startups with our AI & Web3 technology


Support Through Technology and Products GMO INTERNET GROUP

GMO Internet Group Technologies and Products

for AI

  • Provision of virtual server service for AI startups equipped with the blazing fast GPUs “NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU” and “NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU

  • Domain registration service with No.1 market share in Japan, including provision of “.ai” for AI business and AI startups

for Web3

  • Research and Development Department

  • Providing a wide range of crypto-assets services, including exchange, trading, staking, recurring purchase service, and IEO.

  • Offers same-day account opening*, low transfer fees, 1% cash back** bank corporate cards, and business loans.

    • *When the person responsible and the representative are the same person and verified by a selfie video.
    • **Some destinations have different cashback rates.

  • NFT marketplace where people can buy NFTs by credit cards and crypto assets, and famous creators also sell their NFTs.

  • Provides international remittance, settlement, and trade services through the issuance of the Japanese Yen Stable Coin GYEN and the Dollar Peg Stable Coin ZUSD.

  • Providing vulnerability assessment services for blockchain and applications by white hackers.

  • An online payment infrastructure designed for startups to succeed. Credit card payments can be integrated with an intuitive API.

  • An e-commerce service that allows creators to create and sell over 50 different types of original goods such as illustrations, photos, NFTs, etc.

  • Registration service for “NFT domain names” used for wallet address readability, Web3 user names, decentralized websites, etc.

  • Conduct research and analysis of metaverse business, and provides various metaverse solutions and consulting services.

  • We produce new fan marketing using NFT, for companies and IP and content owners. We also support utilization of NFT from planning to exclusion.

Investment Overview

We will invest in AI & Web3 startups, taking their minority shares.
We make investment decisions based on presentation performance at GMO AI & Web3 Meetup.



GMO AI & Web3 Meetup

We regularly hold a "GMO AI & Web3 Meetup" attended by all GMO AI & Web3 executives.
Entrepreneurs who are interested in a presentation at GMO AI & Web3 Meetup, please contact us at the email address below with your company presentation deck attached.

  • ※ Please understand there is a possibility that you may not be selected as a speaker at AI & Web3 Meetup due to the screening process by our administration team.

Company Information

Company Name
GMO AI & Web3, Inc.
26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Operations
Hands-on CVC specializing in AI & Web3 venture, fully utilizing the resources of the GMO Internet Group
Date of Establishment
Board of Directors and Advisors
As above
Major Shareholders
GMO Internet Group, Inc.
GMO GlobalSign HD Corporation
GMO Pepabo Inc.
GMO Financial HD Inc.
GMO Cyber Security by Ierae Corporation
Dricom Corporation
To all entrepreneurs who are taking on the challenge of AI & Web3 Venture